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Sign up today to play a full season in the SLTipping league and cup competitions, plus the play-offs and internationals!

Why should I join?

  • 11 years of history you can be a part of
  • Very simple and quick gameplay
  • Put as much or as little thought in as you like
  • Winning competitions is achievable for everyone
  • Fixture list league & cup format
  • Your own logo created based on your preference, or supply your own
  • Add to your enjoyment of televised games all season
  • Win competitions to receive the coveted branded and personalised SLTIpping mugs, coloured for each prize. Collect the set!
  • Be added to the hall of fame and the trophy cabinet with your success

Sign up for 2018 for just £6.50

Reverting back to receiving tips by either email, or facebook messenger, simply send in your winners and margins for the two Thu/Fri Sky games each week, except for Easter etc. where there will be some more.

Competition changes:
Everyone is in one league, with league points awarded on the following basis.

League points:
Get a team to win correct, and get 1 league point.
With there being two games a week, there’s a maximum of 2 league points on offer each week.

Pts for/against:
Get a team to win correct, and get +50pts for for a spot on tip. 1pt away, get +42pt for, 2pts away +41pts for, scaling down to 42 or more pts away for a +1pt for. Get a team to win wrong, and the amount you are away from the margin goes on your points against.

Magic Weekend:
All six Super League games in play. Get a team to win correct, and get 1 league point.
With there being six games televised this week, there’s a maximum of 6 league points on offer.

The split:
After the 23 regular rounds, the league leader will be named, and the league will split into a bottom half and a top half with points reset for the bottom half, but continuing for the top half.

Super League (the top half) will tip on the televised Super 8’s games.
The Shield (the bottom half) will tip on the televised Qualifiers games.

In the event of odd numbers, the greater even number will be placed in the top half, with the lower odd number in the Shield.

At the end of these games, the top four of Super League will enter the play-offs, and the top four of the Shield will enter the Shield play-offs.

These will work in the same way as previous years, with top playing fourth and second playing third, in the tip off style, tipping on their corresponding fixtures, and the same for the Grand Final.

Challenge Cup:
This will remain on a randomly drawn, knockout basis.

International Test Series:
All players will tip on the Test Series between England and New Zealand with a chance of winning the Four Nations by being most correct across the three games.

Prize details are as follows:
SL Champion: Large Mug
SL League Leader: Small Mug
Shield winner: Small Mug
Challenge Cup winner: Large Mug
Test series winner: Large Mug


Any fixtures missed will result in a 2pt deduction, and a 60 point penalty will be added to the absent player’s PA.

Players must not post abusive or inappropriate content on, or in reply to SLTipping emails, Twitter or Facebook posts. 

In the event of the competition not running, all players will receive a full refund.


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